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Bobcat Notes 2/10/2019
Posted 2/10/19

Quote of the Week: “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”

—Coretta Scott King


LIFESKILLS FOCUS for February 11-March 1


  • Effort: To do your best!


  • Effort
  • Respect: To have consideration for others


  • Effort 
  • Respect
  • Integrity: To be honest and do the right thing


The Impact of Your Moraga Education Foundation (MEF) Donations: 

Dear Camino Pablo Families,


On Friday I observed the 5th grade choir. It was a powerful lesson. The students were preparing to sing the spiritual “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.” Instead of having the students launch into song our choir/music teacher, Mrs. Arvindan, took time to discuss the origins, importance, and influence of the spiritual with the students. When the students did eventually sing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” I could hear the increased understanding in their beautiful, full throated singing. Music is just one program that we have thanks to your donations to MEF.


Your donations to the Moraga Education Foundation (MEF) make Camino Pablo a better, more well-rounded school.  This year, MEF’s grant to our elementary schools is $960,000, funding critical staff and programs that benefit all students. February 13th is MEF’s new Thank-a-thon.  This is an opportunity for our community to focus on giving and the positive impact your donations to MEF have on every student, every day at Camino Pablo.  


Every day, I see the positive benefits of your MEF donations at our school.  I am grateful for your ongoing support.  Through community-wide involvement, you have truly made Camino Pablo a special place.  Thank you for all that you do.  Please join me in showing your support of MEF by making a donation today, or during the Thank-a-thon by clicking here.


Hope to see you at the MEF Gala on March 16th!



Chris Reddam


Read-a-Thon 2019: The 2019 Read-a-thon started yesterday.  All students are encouraged to participate with or without pledges.  We are hoping for 100% participation this year!  The class with 100% participation that raises the most money will get a prize!  The deadline to turn in pledges is March 2.  There will also be the option of making pledges/payments online.


The funds raised during the Read-a-thon will go to the new One School, One Book program (Coming in March!).  In addition, we are also be holding a Book Drive to benefit the Prisoners Literature Project.   Any new or gently used books are welcome.  Donation bins will be in the main hallway across from the office. 


Thank you for participating in the Read-a-thon!!!


3rd-5th Grade Spelling Bee: Congratulations to Nitin who spelled the championship word “libertarian” correctly to be crowned the 2019 Camino Pablo Spelling Bee champion. Eric and Danny were runners up and the rest of the candidates were equally impressive. Thank you to our parent volunteer Rachel Walsh from helping to support this fun event.


Student Council Elections: On Friday 3rd-5th graders listened to CP’s 4th and 5th grade student council candidate speeches. In their speeches candidates outlined their ideas of how to make CP a better place. Their ideas ranged from having more spirit days to selling sno-cones during recess. I was impressed with the delivery and ideas in all of the speeches. After hearing the speeches 3rd-5th students voted. Congratulations to our new student council:

  • 4th Grade
    • Cooper
    • Emery
    • Brian
    • Tessa
    • Krish
    • Clementine
  • 5th Grade
    • Colin
    • Zubin
    • Liam
    • Alex
    • Ava
    • Annabelle


CP Family STEAM Night (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) with Lawrence Hall of Science.

  • Date: Wednesday, February 27th
  • Time: 6:00pm-7:50pm
  • Location: CP Multi-Use Room
  • (Free! Fun for the Whole Family!)

Step into the shoes of an engineer as you Build, Engineer, and Invent! This hands-on design challenge experience brings out the engineer in everyone. Explore building in two and three dimensions while discovering the design properties involved in constructing sturdy structures, bridges, roller coasters, and more! We bring the building materials; you supply the creativity!

The theme this year is Build, Engineer, Invent! The description from Lawrence Hall of  



Media in the Middle: Parenting in the Age of Technology - 2/21/2018 6:30-8:00 JM Library: For more detailed information please click HERE.



Reminder that Amazon donates 1/2 a percent back to CP for all purchases, every day of the year!  Simply go to for all your Amazon shopping (bookmark it) and select Camino Pablo Elementary School as your beneficiary!


Volunteer Help Needed Immediately!

The CP PTA would like to continue offering Hot Lunch but we cannot do it without help.

We need New Committee Chairs for Hot Lunch

Please Contact:


Donate Books: Throughout the month of February, the Community Services Committee will be collecting books to support the Prisoners Literature Project, a nonprofit that lends books to inmates around the country. The PLP is especially interested in receiving gently used, softcover books on the following topics: dictionaries of all kinds,thesauruses, almanacs, GED test prep materials, and other paperback reference books; how-to books on drawing, origami, chess, construction, gardening, etc.; books on African-American, Latino, and Native American history and culture; books on politics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, science, mathematics; fiction by or about people of color; classic literature (in English or Spanish); and books on meditation, yoga, and bodyweight exercises. Please note that donated books MUST be free of any handwritten notes or underlined passages to meet criteria of the prison system. 


Donated books may be placed in the large bin located outside the office. Thanks for your support! 


Camino Pablo Community Services Opportunities:

1. Urban Farmer/ White Pony Express community harvest in Walnut Creek (10am to 1pm on Saturday, 2/16):  It’s citrus season so most likely volunteers will help pick oranges, tangelos, lemons, grapefruit or similar.  Tools will be provided at the event by White Pony Express.


2. Lake Merritt Food Distribution in Oakland (8:30am to 12pm on Saturday, 3/23):




Tue., Feb. 12:

  • Moraga School Board Meeting - 7:00 pm JM Library

Wed., Feb. 13:

  • MSD Student Safety Committee - 3:30 CP Room 8

Thurs., Feb. 14: Happy Valentine’s Day

Fri., Feb. 15: No School

Mon., Feb. 18: No School

Wed., Feb. 20: PTA Association Meeting - 6:30pm Room 17

Thur., Feb. 21: 

  • Parent Education: Media in the Middle: Parenting in the Age of Technology - 6:30-8:00 JM Library

Wed., Feb. 27: CP Family STEAM Night - 6:00-7:50