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Lynne Wilson

(925) 376-7940



Childcare Program Accountant

Remi Vranesh

(925) 377-4111

Moraga School District

1540 School Street

Moraga, CA 94556 


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Bobcat Club

October 2019


Permanent Reservations and Drop-ins

We are accepting permanent reservations and drop-ins for Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

TK and Kindergarteners we have a few spaces every day for both reservations and drop-ins.


Conference Days

We are unable to accept drop-ins for these days. 

All students are dismissed on conference days at 11:25 am and 11:45 am. Bobcat does not have enough staff to accept any additional children on these days. Many of our staff are high school and college students that are not able to come to Bobcat Club any earlier than their current schedules which begin at 1:45 pm.

Thank you for your understanding.









Morning Leaders

Monday & Tuesday

Jenny Taylor


Jeanne Haffner

Afternoon Leaders

Monday & Thursday

Bonnie Lodes


Brenna Long

Wednesday & Friday

Jackie Obradovic