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Lynne Wilson

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Childcare Program Accountant

Remi Vranesh

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Moraga School District

1540 School Street

Moraga, CA 94556 


Bobcat Club

You must first complete a registration and receive a PIN before submitting a permanent schedule.

Permanent Schedules and ASEP


Permanent schedules and changes will only be accepted online.

Cancelations must be received in writing by email to

It is your responsibility to enter any schedule change for your child/children for ASEP Classes. 

  • All reservations are matched by your child’s PIN and name as you listed it on the registration form.

  • If you enter the wrong PIN or wrong name, your reservation will be rejected without you knowing. You will still receive an email stating you have a schedule submitted, NOT a confirmation.

  • Example: Registered as" Jack West" but goes by "John", the parent enters "John" on the reservation form. "John West" will not match up in the system.  You will still receive an email from the online system for the submission, but no schedule will be created/updated on the back end because there was no match.

  • If you request a permanent schedule without having registered first, your child will not show up in our system at all. You will still receive an email stating you have a schedule submitted, NOT confirmed.

  • Please contact Bobcat if you are unsure of the name registered or PIN.

  • The ENTIRE new schedule selected will replace the ENTIRE old schedule. For example, if you are adding a Monday to an already scheduled Wednesday, you must enter both days on your new schedule, if not, we only see Monday and Wednesday will be canceled.
  • All permanent and drop in reservations will be paid in total even if your child does not attend for any reason.


  • Please enter your child’s schedule to reflect any ASEP they will be attending directly from the end of their school day.
  • If you do not enter a new schedule to reflect ASEP, you will be charged for your current reservations.
  • 3:00 dismissal ~ Please select your child’s arrival time to Bobcat from ASEP, as closest to the dismissal of ASEP.
  • 2:00 dismissal ~ should only need to change their schedule for Wednesday's unless you will now be picking your child up directly from ASEP.
  • Please note: If your child’s reservation is 2:00-5:00, and the ASEP is 3:10-4:10, you are charged from 2:00-5:00. We are responsible for your child while they are at ASEP



Our Handbook is a great way to learn more about our services and expectations.

Morning Leaders

Monday & Tuesday

Jenny Taylor


Jeanne Haffner


Afternoon Leaders

Monday & Thursday

Bonnie Lodes


Brenna Long


Jackie Obradovic


Heather Thornton