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District Student Activities

2018 3rd-5th CAASPP Testing Schedule

3rd and 4th Grade: 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/7, 5/8

5th Grade: 4/23, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/15, 5/16

Ways to Support the School:


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Moraga Elementary Schools

2017-2018 MEF Grant


At Camino Pablo, Donald Rheem and Los Perales Elementary Schools, your donations fund a wide variety of staff and programs benefitting all students, including:

  Art Teachers
Computer Instructors
Kids Connection (Couseling Support)
Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Programs
Music Teachers
PE Teachers
Reading Tutors
Science Aides
Teacher Aides

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Quote of the Week: Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. -Carl Sagan


LIFESKILLS FOCUS for April 9-May 11

  • TK-1st = Cooperation - To work together toward a common goal or purpose
  • 2nd-5th = 
    • Cooperation 
    • Perseverance - To keep at it


Kids Choice Thank You: Thank you to Amy Johnson and all the parent volunteers who made the Kids Choice Dance an amazing, fun, special event.


Are You Moving?: If your family is planning on moving out of the CP attendance area please let the office know so we can accurately plan classes for next year.


MSD Cultural Proficiency Committee: The Cultural Proficiency Committee (CPC), with interest to communicate meeting discussion topics and outcomes, will regularly communicate meeting summaries to staff and parents following each CPC meeting.  Meeting agendas and minutes are posted on the MSD website: www.moraga.k12.ca.us>District>Cultural Proficiency Committee. 


April 18, 2018 CPC Meeting Summary:

The CPC agreed, in order to increase transparency, to communicate CPC meeting summaries to all parents via PTA newsletters and to create a CPC website. The CPC website will expand over time to include meeting notes, FAQs & other updates. 


The CPC recommended the District plan and present a fall 2018 evening program for parents to learn about the purpose of the CPC, Wellness Committee, Coordinating Council and Student Safety Committee.


 The CPC reviewed draft bylaws and discussed whether CPC community members (community persons who are not current MSD parents or MSD employees) should be voting members and how to establish nomination committees.


For information or questions, please contact your school’s CPC representative.  Representatives for each school site are posted on the CPC website.  You may also contact CPC co-chairs, Jessica Meeks at jmeeks@hotmail.com or Stephanie Richards at srichards@moraga.k12.ca.us.


MSD Safety Consultants - Safe Havens: The MSD School Board approved a contract with the safety consulting company Safe Havens for the purposes of giving MSD recommendations of how to improve safety throughout the district. The schedule for Safe Havens safety assessments is:

  • April 26 Les Nichols to visit schools to review the schools' perimeter protection measures, building entryway configurations, natural access control, and surveillance, and nighttime lighting
  • April 27: district-level meetings with Mike Dorn
  • May 31-June 1 Russell Bentley to visit schools to evaluate security technologies in use at the schools, such as access control systems, emergency communications systems, surveillance camera systems, and intrusion detection systems
  • June 4 & 5 Chris Dorn to visit schools to conduct a physical security assessment and the level of emergency preparedness


School Site Council (SSC) is Looking for Parent Members 

School Site Council (SSC) is made up of 7 parents and 7 teachers. The purpose of SSC is to help create, monitor, and approve the Camino Pablo Site Plan. The SSC has five meetings a year. Meetings are at CP and last from 3:15-4:30. This a great way to be involved in planning and goal setting that directly supports our amazing students. If you are interested in SSC please contact via email stating your interest no later than 4/27/2018.


CAASPP Testing UPDATED SCHEDULE: Each May 3rd-5th grade students take the CAASPP test. This test assess students in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. The state uses the results of these tests as one factor in determining our progress as a school and district. Here is a link to the testing schedule. If a child is absent during a testing session he/she has to miss class time to make-up the missed session. Attendance on these days is important.


Class Placement: The CP team spends a lot of time working on classroom placement for next year. Our main goal when building classes is to create balanced classes. Balancing classes requires us to look at many variables such as: students that need extra support, academic progress, peer relationships, etc. I work on this process with each grade level twice in May. During this process we build balanced classes and I place each class with a specific teacher.


If you feel that your child has a unique situation or need that I need to be aware of during this careful placement process please send me an email by 4/27/2018. These requests should not be made through the teacher. Requests for a specific teacher will not be granted. Please know that your request will be considered within the larger context of balancing classes. 


3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Rotary Field Day! The 26th Annual Moraga Rotary Field Day will be held after school on Wednesday, May 9 at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School.  All 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are encouraged to participate and represent CP at this free and fun event.  Registration opens at 3:00 p.m. Medals will be awarded to the top three competitors in each event listed below:

  • Shuttle Relay
  • Standing Long Jump/Running Long Jump
  • Softball Throw/Football Throw
  • 50 Yard Dash
  • Sack Race

We hope to see you there!  Go CP!


PTA Committee Chairs Needed: The PTA is looking for a few generous parents to chair a committee over the 2018-2019 school year.  We truly appreciate (and need!) your help in making these events and programs possible!  Please email Natalie Alderete if you would like more information or are interested in any of the following openings:

  • Clerical Volunteers
  • Kids' Choice Dance
  • Movie Events
  • Spelling Bee
  • STEAM (Math/Game Night)




Preparing Students for Life - May 10th 6:30-8:00 at Orinda Middle School MUR: Join parents from surrounding districts listen to Dan Peters Ph.D. discussing some of the following questions/topics: How do we prepare our children to be successful adults? How much should we help them succeed? How do I make sure my child doesn’t get left behind? How do I prepare my child for life? Growing up in today’s world is increasingly complex as is parenting our children in this new age. With childhood and teen stress, anxiety, and depression on the rise, it is critical that parents focus on preparing their children with the foundational life skills necessary for dealing with adversity, making good choices, and creating a meaningful life. Participants will learn strategies for building their child’s internal strength, responding to adversity, and being open to life’s possibilities. Here is the flyer.


The 1st Annual Kids’ Choice Dance is on Friday, April 20th from 6-8pm!  Each CP student may invite ONE adult. Tickets will be limited - get yours now!  Price is $45 per couple, $15 for each additional student with the same adult. Pizza and dessert will be served!  Don't miss this special event!  Please contact Amy Johnson if you have questions or would like to help!


District Curriculum Parent Preview: Moraga School District parents, students, teachers, administrators and other community members are invited to preview new instructional materials considered for District adoption from April 16, 2018 through May 2, 2018.  Materials available for preview include a 6th-8th grade English language arts program, a K-2nd grade supplemental phonics program, a 3rd-5th grade supplemental grammar program and a 7th-8th grade Spanish program.

The public preview for these instructional materials will be held at the Joaquin Moraga Library.  Individuals interested in previewing these materials may review them between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  If interested, please contact  Alberta Falcone, District Textbook Coordinator, at (925) 377-4255 or afalcone@moraga.k12.ca.us to schedule an appointment.  The materials will not be available for check out.

If you have questions about this public preview please contact Carolyn Parker, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, at (925) 376-5943 or cparker@moraga.k12.ca.us




  • Wednesday, April 25: MSD Coordinating Council, 3:30 CP Room 7
  • Thursday, May 10: Preparing Students for Life, 6:30-8:00pm Orinda Middle School
  • Wednesday, May 16th: Last 2017-2018 PTA Assoc. Mtg. 8:30-10am in Room 7. The agenda will be posted here.
  • Thursday, May 17: 
    • Minimum Day
      • TK = 11:50
      • K-5 = 12:12
    • OPEN HOUSE 7:00
  • Monday, May 28: Memorial Day - No School