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Bobcat Notes 1/1/2018


Bobcat Notes 1/1/2018


Happy New Year!


LIFESKILLS FOCUS for January 4-20


  • Responsibility:  To be accountable for your actions


  • Responsibility:  
  • Organization:  To plan, arrange and implement in an orderly way



NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION - FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES and BE SAFE: Let’s start 2018 by keeping our kids safe. Please remember to follow the traffic rules:

· Students MUST get out on the curbside only; NO EXCEPTIONS!

· STAY in your car

· ALWAYS pull as far forward in the loop as possible before stopping to allow your children to disembark.  Once they are out of the car, pull away as soon as it is safe to do so in order to make room for others behind you.

· When entering the loop, cars coming from opposite directions need to alternate, first one car from the north, then one from the south, etc.  Please observe this common courtesy so that cars from either direction have equal opportunity to get into the loop.

· Cars driving southbound on Camino Pablo (from JM, etc.) – please be aware of cars needing to exit the bus loop and cross to southbound Camino Pablo.  If you are in line, waiting to turn into the bus loop, please leave a space in the line for those cars that need to exit.

· The flow of traffic out to the street from the loop is as important as the flow into it.  If you are unable to turn left onto Camino Pablo due to the traffic, please turn right to keep the flow out of the loop going.

· Cars driving northbound on Camino Pablo (from Sanders Ranch, etc.) – respect and observe the crosswalk.  Do not block it in line, and always follow the directions of the crossing guard.

· Don’t plan play-dates, activities, review/complete homework while sitting in the Bus Loop.


Parking Lot:

· The parking lot is not for drop-off or pick-up.

· The parking lot is for staff parking or short-term visitor parking.  Please do not park in staff designated spaces, ever! Park in visitor spots only!  If there are no visitor spots, park on the street.  

· Please do not pull in and/or park in handicapped or reserved spaces unless entitled to do so.

· If you are staying on campus for a while, please consider parking on the street.  Remember, though – if you park across the street, set a good example and use one of the two crosswalks.  If you park on the school side of the street, walk north, across the driveways, and use the sidewalk onto campus – your children are told to do this, too—or use the walkway ramp from the sidewalk up to the middle of the parking lot.

· Please pay attention and exercise caution while driving through the walkway across the parking lot.  Our kids do use that crossing area and must be given the right of way.

· Please do not park in “no loading”, fire lane or crosswalk areas.  These designated areas must not be blocked.


SPELLING BEE: The Camino Pablo 3rd-5th Camino Pablo Spelling Bee is on February 9th at 8:30. Over the next two weeks each 3rd-5th class will hold a classroom bee. Each participating classroom puts forward two contestants and one alternate. The winner of the bee will move on to the county competition in March.




The After School Enrichment Program (ASEP)

As we all get ready to pack lunches and hit early bird hours, we wanted to send a final reminder that we’re having The First-Ever ASEP Expo in 4 days.


Thursday, January 4th

3:05-4:30pm in the MUR


ASEP vendors will be there to share:


Live demos,

Interactive hands-on projects,

Example worksheets, and

Brief “trial” classes


For more information on Winter/Spring ASEP:







Posted by: Chris Reddam Published:1/1/18
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