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Attendance - Absences and Tardies

Absences and Tardies


Please call the school’s Attendance Line at 377-4153 EVERY time your child is tardy or absent.  Please call the attendance line even if you have already informed your child’s teacher. We use the Call Safe program; if we do not hear from you, we call to let you know your child is absent and to determine the reason for the absence.  

When students miss school for reasons other than illness or family emergency the loss of learning can’t be re-created with make-up work. California Education Code requires that we follow-up on truant students and students with chronic absences. Our follow-up includes official truancy notices starting with students with three or more unexcused absences.

  • A truant student (California Education Code § 48260) is a student with 3 or more unexcused absences.
  • Chronic absence (California Education Code § 60901(c)(1)) is defined as excused absences that total more than 10% of the total days to date.

Trips and vacations are not deemed to be excused absences. If a child is on a trip or vacation for more than 4 consecutive school days an independent study should be completed. The independent study needs to be requested well ahead of the first day of the trip in order to give the teacher time to gather the materials. The independent study must be completed on the trip and returned to school signed by the student and parent on the first day back. We appreciate your support. EVERY DAY COUNTS!


The staff urges parents to consider the possible loss of academic learning time as a crucial factor in deciding whether or not to take a child out of school.  Please note– on the day of an absence, your child may not participate in school-related after school or Bobcat activities.

Please be aware that there are no “excused” school absences for accounting purposes.  Any absence results in decreased funding from the State.  The school loses approximately $43.00 per day of absence.  Additionally, absences affect the continuity of a child’s learning experience.

If your child will be absent from school five days or more for reasons other than illness, please inform the teacher (at least one week in advance), and an independent study form will be prepared to provide educational activities which your child can complete during his/her absence.  This provides a continuing program for your child and avoids a financial loss for the school.  However, nothing can take the place of attending school on a regular basis.